What is boho

What is Boho ?

Terms like Boho style clothing, Boho Fashion, and Boho-Interior are flooding our online and offline world. So it's only natural that many people want to find out more about this trendy and meaningful look and understand what is boho ? 

Boho or Bohemian style is a way to live a life mostly by breaking the rules of society by living and dressing an exotic style inspired by the Hippie movement of the 1960-1970's. Boho is inspired by powerful figures that chose to live an unconventional life such as certain actors, constant travelers and some writers of the 20th century.

Today, we're going to talk about what the term Boho and its other appellations have meant and mean today so that you can better understand the full scope of the Boho movement!  


What does Boho mean?

What does boho means

Bohemian women in the '30s

If you're looking to understand what does Boho mean, the best answer that we could offer you is this one:

Boho is a short version of the word Bohemian. The name is derived from a group of unconventional French artists from the 1930s as a way of distinguishing themselves from the French middle class, whose values they did not support.

The bohemians created their own image of the Bourjois. They described them as narrow-minded, ignorant, and commercial, with a strong disinterest in art. In this way, the bohemian gaze has grown from a strong desire to differentiate itself. There I understood that bohemian is not a fashionable movement, it is an attitude.

Whether it's the flowing blouses, the long wide dresses, or even the flowing fabrics with floral or ethnic prints, the bohemian style has never been so developed and trendy among women fashion. Very stylish, very sensual, and feminine, this look is worn by many women around the world that follow the same ideology and seek to live a better and more positive lifestyle.

Even in 2020, the Boho fashion style and mindset are in line with the current trends. Timeless, this type of fashion apparel never grows old and is instead on the rise as one of the most fashionable women's clothing styles, so trendy that it still inspires collections from the most famous designers every year. 😁


The Hippie Movement

Hippie movement

The Hippie movement in the '60s and '70s

Bohemian fashion has been revealed by the Hippie movement, which began in Paris but also derives from the Bohemians who came from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. As these two origins merged, their style of clothing merged, leaving us with a beautiful mix of colors, designs, and fabrics.

Instead of following the practical aspect of middle-class fashion, Bohemian fashion tended to go against it. Not tight and restricted, but long and flowing. Not hard and rough, but soft and wide. Not grey and brown, but white and green and red. All to get away from the Bourjois.

That along with Czech influences, the bohemian style soon acquired an ethical and open-minded touch, embracing influences from other cultures and is known today for its individuality and meaningfulness centered on seeking freedom and non-conformism. Later, a famous couturier named Paul Poiret, inspired by this amazing clothing style, reinvented its own work by incorporating ethnic touches into his designs.

In the '60s, the boho style fashion made a huge turn around the world by breaking again the codes of Fashion. No more sad and dark pieces of clothing welcome to the wide dresses, the colorful floral and ethnics patterns, the fringes and the, of course, the most famous symbol of hippie fashion, the Elephant paw pants!

Becoming more and more popular within the working class and bourgeoisie of the 1990s, the boho style has completely metamorphosed itself into the Boho Chic style we all know! The Boho Chic or Bourgeois-bohemian style became very popular around the world thanks to the singer Vanessa Paradis, an iconic figure of the Boho and Hippie movement at the end of the 2nd millennium.

The Boho Chic look of the 2000s now puts even more emphasis on colourful, classy, and fluid outfits that sublimate the femininity of a woman's body. For a Boho chic style, aim therefore for light and colorful clothes with simple and floral ethnic patterns, letting your skin sensually flaunt in strategic places, without forgetting the Boho hairstyle and the retro jewels that go with it! 

How to dress Boho in 2021?

dress boho

As explained in the first part of our article, the boho style is an eclectic, free, hippie, ethnic, bohemian, folk, punk, vintage blend that results in an always unique and personalized look. A boho woman has a very personal style despite being defined as a type of look, since the characteristics that mark it, are always unique in each person: creativity, freedom, relaxation and own rules.

We are talking about a woman who dares to mix colors, periods, styles, fabrics, accessories... Always with an organic and natural result but with a wild character. But beyond your state of mind, it is especially important to know the different rules and types of clothing to proudly wear this style without false notes!

Following all the different information that we've already shared, here are the essentials that you should master to dress a look 100% boho:


1. Bohemian Colors

Dare to throw away your dark clothes at the back of your closet. Boho women shine thanks to their deep and powerful taste for natural colors and ethnic symbols, so meaningful to the boho movement. So prefer shimmering and natural colors like green, red, silver, blue, and especially white that transmit powerful natural vibes around you. 

Of course, pastel shades are also keepers, but you should only use them parsimoniously by matching them with pieces with more traditional colors.


2. Bohemian Patterns and Natural Fabrics

Bohemian women are proud and fight for the well-being of nature by promoting natural textiles such as cotton, muslin, lace, and silk. On top of that, the followers of the Boho movement also enjoy wearing symbols from the Bohemian popular culture from the Czech Republic traditionally embroidered on their clothes. Floral and ethnics patterns are very trendy and meaningful but should stay simple, avoid too flashy colors!

bohemian patterns

Examples of very popular Bohemian patterns

However, bohemian patterns shouldn't be an obligation. It's up to you to decide which patterns you like the most, the main thing being that they should symbolize the Nature in order to accentuate your femininity and romanticism!
For example, you can completely combine a bohemian pattern lace Top with simple pants, shorts, or Palazzo pants with more classic colors.

Crochet is also one of the most beautiful trends in the Boho Chic Style. It's a technique for knitting thread or wool work using a short, specific needle, "crochet needle" or "crochet needle" made of metal, plastic, or wood. Wearing crochet clothes really enhances your woman's feminity by letting your skin visible on strategic parts of your body. However, you should avoid crochet bottoms as they are considered a bit vulgar.

boho crochet dress

Example of a very beautiful white Boho crochet dress


Bohemian patterns can also be worn on your accessories. Boho Patterns shoes, Fringes bags and jackets, anything that sublimes your central outfit is a wonderful way to enhance your style with good taste!


3. Wear the Essentials

boho essentials

Although the boho look adapts perfectly with other fashion styles, there are nevertheless many types of clothing to be preferred over others. No need to remind you that this is not an obligation and that it is preferable to choose the outfits that bring you the most joy to wear, but if you want to know more of it, here is a list of Boho fashion essentials to have in your wardrobe:


1) Boho Dresses and Skirts:

boho style dress
There's no doubt about it, Boho dresses and skirts are the pillars of the Bohemian style! Available in different shapes and lengths, these clothes are designed to bring out your femininity and sensuality to the fullest.
The best advice that we can give you is to look mostly for steamy or asymmetrical cuts and not too tight-fitting, that is a no-no.

    2) Flared & Palazzo Pants:

    boho palazzo pants
    Not all bohemians women like dresses. If that is your case, you're gonna love this section! Flares pants are the symbol of the 60s! You can choose to wear them in cotton, denim of mousseline, as long as they are not skinny fit, they will go perfectly with any blouse or tunique! 

    3) Shorts:

    boho shorts
    Perfect outfit for hot days, the shorts are the bottom solution for a more comfortable outfit (and to show off your pretty feminine legs as well). Choose them short and flared with ethnic patterns (like the photo above) or just plain color. They will perfectly complement your tunic or kimono!

    4) Loose-fitting tops:

    As you can see, clothes that are too tight are totally to be proscirated in the Boho style. Always go for simple, flared and sober! 

    5) Kimonos:

    boho kimono cardigan

    Another very popular trend in the Boho style is the Kimono. This piece of clothing inspired by the land of the rising sun will sublimate any bohemian outfit! Whether you choose it in White for a chic style or with floral or ethnic patterns for a more Gypsie style, it always a good choice.

    6) Denim and leather jackets:

    boho denim jacket

    Once chic, always chic, denim jackets are an essential accessory in the Boho style. Formerly very old-fashioned, they were made popular by the hippie movement of the 70s and are making a comeback this year. As usual, prefer them to fit snugly to the body without being too tight. 

    4. Get the BEST Boho Accessories

    boho accessories

    1) Hair Accessories

    To embrace a perfect boho hairstyle, the boho bandeau headbands are the must-have accessory for any true bohemian. In your hair, around your neck or around your wrist, this trendy scarf can be worn wherever you want and will enhance any outfit with sumptuousness.

    Brooches are also commonly used to tie your bohemian hairstyles with elegance.

    2) Boho Shoes and Boots

    boho style shoes

    For Boho shoes, you should always prefer flat or platform sandals with jewelry or flower ornaments embroidered on it. For more cold days, you can also opti for suede boots with fringes (that's a must-have) or even westerns boots like Santiags.

    3) Boho jewelry 

    It's not a true bohemian style without any bohemian jewelry! The bohemian style includes a lot of jewelry styles, so it's up to you to choose the ones you think can sublimate your outfit with elegance.

    The only rule is that it must be abused. Yes, from the beginning we've been telling you to stay sober, but it's time to let go now! Favor jewelry made of silver or aged metal. Don't forget to wear necklaces and rings with turquoise stones, the emblematic signature of Bohemian fashion. Also, choose jewelry with ethnic symbols such as bohemian patterns or bird feathers.


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