Collection: Boho Maxi Dress

A boho maxi dress is a long, flowing dress that typically extends to the ankles or floor. The maxi dress is a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and formal events. Maxi dresses can also be worn for casual occasions such as beach vacations, picnics, and backyard parties.

Bohemian maxi dresses come in a variety of colors and styles, including strapless, sleeveless, halter, and spaghetti straps. They can also be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, chiffon, and lace. Some boho maxi dresses even have built-in bras for added support.


How to choose your Boho Maxi Dress?

Wearing a Bohemian maxi dress is a great way to show off your curves and feminine figure. The flowing nature of the dress also makes it very comfortable to wear. When choosing a maxi dress, it is important to find one that fits your body type and is the right length for you. You may also want to consider the occasion you will be wearing the dress for when choosing a style.

If you are looking for a more formal boho maxi dress, there are many options available. One option is to choose a dress with sleeves or straps. This can help to create a more polished look. Another option for a formal maxi dress is to choose one with a high neckline. This will help to elongate your torso and make you look taller.

For a casual boho maxi dress, there are also many options. You can choose a dress that is shorter in length, such as a knee-length dress. This is a great option for wearing to the beach or on a casual evening out. You can also choose a maxi dress that is made from lighter materials, such as cotton or linen. This can help to keep you cool in summer weather.

No matter what style of maxi dress you choose, it is important to find one that fits well and flatters your figure. With so many different styles and materials available, there is sure to be a maxi dress that is perfect for you. So start shopping today and find the perfect maxi dress for any occasion!

What color to choose?

When it comes to maxi dresses, there are so many different colors and patterns to choose from. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect color maxi dress for your next special occasion:

  1. If you want to show off your curves, go for a dark-colored dress. Black, navy blue, and deep green are all great choices.
  2. If you want to accentuate your waist, choose a dress with a contrast-colored belt or sash. For example, pair a black dress with a white belt or sash.
  3. If you want to add some extra drama to your look, go for a dress with a bold print or pattern. Floral prints and animal prints are always popular choices.
  4. If you want to keep your look simple and elegant, stick to a solid-colored dress. White, ivory, and pastel colors are all great options.
  5. If you want to make a statement, go for a bright-colored dress. Red, orange, and yellow are all great choices.

No matter what color you choose, make sure it’s a shade that complements your skin tone. And don’t forget to accessorize! A great pair of earrings or a stylish clutch can really take your look to the next level.

How to style a boho maxi dress?

Wearing a boho maxi dress is a great way to stay cool and stylish during the summer months. There are a few things to keep in mind when styling a maxi dress, however.

1. Consider the occasion

When choosing a bohemian maxi dress, you should first consider what type of event are you going to and how do you want to show off. An outfit for a casual day isn't the same as one for a night event or an important ceremony.

2. The type of dress defines the rest

Now that you know where you're going, you consider the overall silhouette of the dress. Is it lose and flowy? Fit and flare? A-line? Each of these silhouettes will dictate how you style the rest of your outfit.

Moreover, a casual day look can be achieved with flats and minimal jewelry, while a night out calls for heels and sparkly accessories. No matter what the occasion, however, a maxi dress is always a chic choice!


3. Pair it with the right shoes and some fine accessories 

Finally, think about what kind of shoes to pair with your maxi dress. Heels can dress up the look, but flats or sandals will keep it casual. If you're wearing a printed maxi dress, keep your accessories simple so as not to overwhelm the look. A solid-colored maxi dress can be accessorized with a statement necklace or belt.